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Learn how HopSkip works for you and you sourcing partners by watching short videos

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Creating a new RFP vs. using an RFP templateStart new RFPs or use saved templates to efficiently launch your proposals directly from the RFP dashboard.
Including your NSOs, GSOs, DMOs, and Affiliates in your RFPsEasily add NSOs, GSOs, DMOs, and Affiliates to support or suggest hotels directly through your RFP.
Adding your own hotel sales contact in your RFPSpecify and edit hotel sales contacts directly in your RFP to ensure personalized communication when sending proposals.
How to add Food & Beverage to your RFPEasily request and specify Food & Beverage services for your event spaces directly in the RFP's Event Space tab.
Adding contract clauses to your Planner ToolboxEfficiently store and manage your standard contract clauses in HopSkip. Include them in new RFPs, streamlining future negotiations.
Adding concessions to your Planner ToolboxEasily insert and manage concessions in your planner toolbox for inclusion in new or specific RFPs.
Adding your NSOs, GSOs, and DMOs to your Planner ToolboxLearn how to add and manage key industry contacts in your Planner toolbox to streamline future RFPs and enhance proposal support.
Tracking and managing proposal changes and versionsLearn to track and different versions of received proposals using the proposal tracker to ensure all updates are monitored effectively.
Cost Savings Dashboard and updating your RFP with contracted ratesLearn how to monitor cost savings and update contracted rates in HopSkip, reflecting concessions and negotiated rate adjustments.
Accessing your RFP Reports and Proposal PresentationsNavigate the Reports tab to download and customize RFP reports and presentations, tailored to include specific shortlists and criteria.
Discovering and Searching for Hotels to add to your RFPDiscover and add hotels to your RFP using detailed search filters and view property specifics efficiently.
Responding to an RFPEfficiently navigate RFP responses from summary to submission, including rates, event space assignments, and proposals.
Updating your property profileLearn how to update your hotel's profile details, to ensure accurate and attractive search listings, and efficient proposals.
Finding a turned-down RFP or a proposal submitted that the planner declinedFollow these steps to locate and reactivate inactive RFPs, allowing you to update or resubmit proposals effectively.
How to contact the plannerLearn how to reach out to RFP planners either through their provided contact details or via direct chat within HopSkip.
Assigning an RFP to a teammateLearn how to delegate RFPs to the appropriate team members or invite new ones by assigning leads directly in HopSkip.
Inviting Hotel Team MembersDiscover two simple methods to invite your colleagues to join HopSkip, enhancing collaboration by linking them to your property profile.
Downloading an RFP or a Proposal PDFQuickly access and download PDF versions of RFPs and proposals.
NSOs/Sales Affiliate - How to contact the plannerLearn to reach planners via shared contact details or chat, ensuring seamless communication within HopSkip.
NSO/Sales Affiliate - How to navigate the RFP DashboardEfficiently manage RFPs, track response statuses, and handle hotel requests directly from your dashboard.
How to contact HopSkip SupportLearn how to reach out to HopSkip Support via message or email directly through the platform.
NSOs/Sales Affiliate - How to download reportsQuickly access and download detailed PDF and Excel reports of hotel proposals and comparisons from the Reports tab.
NSO/Sales Affiliate - How to view RFP/Proposal HistoryExplore how to access your RFP and proposal history, including current, won/lost, and canceled entries, via the dedicated history tab.
NSOs/Sales Affiliates - How to review the response status of an RFPDiscover how to monitor and follow up on hotel responses to your RFPs directly from the Response Monitor tab.
NSO/Sales Affiliate - How to add hotels to an RFPGuide on adding hotels to an RFP based on planner criteria and ensuring contact details are correctly included.
NSO/Sales Affiliate - How to review an RFPUnderstand how to access and analyze RFP details including room blocks and meeting spaces directly from your RFP Dashboard.
Discovering and Searching for Hotels outside of an RFPLearn how to effectively search for and organize potential hotel choices outside of the RFP process, and adding them to lists for later use.
Understanding your proposal detailsLearn to navigate and interpret all aspects of your RFP proposals within the Proposal Tracker tab.
Creating RFP Templates vs. duplicating RFPsEfficiently clone existing RFPs or create templates for recurring meetings to streamline your planning process.
Overview of your Sourcing Analytics DashboardsAccess detailed RFP and proposal analytics to track and optimize your sourcing strategies effectively.
Updating and editing RFPsLearn how to modify RFPs and understand the impact on your proposals, ensuring you manage updates effectively.
Creating Hotel NotesLearn to create and manage private or team-shared hotel notes across the platform.
How to update a proposalLearn to revise and resubmit your proposals, including changes to rates and other key details, using HopSkip’s straightforward process.
Assigning and managing assigned RFPsManage and assign RFPs to your teammates on HopSkip
Adding and Automatically Including Sales and Marketing Material in Hotel ProposalsLearn how to upload, manage, and set up sales and marketing documents to automatically enhance your hotel proposals on HopSkip