Updating and editing RFPs

Learn how to modify RFPs and understand the impact on your proposals, ensuring you manage updates effectively.

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Updating and editing RFPs

To update or edit an RFP, first, open up the RFP. Then click the 3-dot menu in the upper right corner, and click "Edit This RFP."

Please note that when you're finished editing it, you must re-send the RFP by going to the "Send RFP" tab and pressing "Send RFP."

You will only need to edit an RFP if you're making changes that will affect the proposals (dates, room counts, event space, etc).

Please note that HopSkip Proposal Reports (Comparison report, Financial reports) display current/active proposals and not previous proposal versions. HopSkip saves previous proposal versions in the Proposal Details screen for review or download as a PDF.

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