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Discovering and Searching for Hotels outside of an RFP
Discovering and Searching for Hotels outside of an RFP

Learn how to effectively search for and organize potential hotel choices outside of the RFP process, and adding them to lists for later use.

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Call out: discovering and searching for hotels on HopSkip can be conducted in two ways: outside of a Request for Proposal (RFP) and within an RFP.

Discovering and Searching for Hotels outside of an RFP on HopSkip

To initiate a search for a hotel outside of an RFP, click on the magnifying glass situated on the left-hand side. This action will redirect you to a pre-RFP hotel search.

Here, you can input various information in the search bar, such as a city, landmark, location, hotel name, or address. For instance, if you type "Austin,โ€ you'll be presented with hotel search results for the city of Austin.

These search results can be refined by utilizing filters such as the number of guest rooms, meeting space, largest meeting room, number of meeting rooms, star rating, and hotel chain.

Instead of adding a hotel to your RFP, as you would do when searching for hotels within an RFP, you can add the hotel to your list by clicking "Add to List.โ€ You can add this hotel to an existing list if you've already created a list. Simply select the list you wish to add the hotel to and click โ€œAdd.โ€

Creating a list of hotels before you're ready to create an RFP is an effective way to organize potential choices during the research and discovery phase.

Once you've created a hotel list from the pre-RFP search, you can download this list in a pre-RFP hotel report or create an RFP directly from this list.

Individual notes for each hotel in your list can also be added, providing personalized information and insights about each establishment.

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