Responding to an RFP

Efficiently navigate RFP responses from summary to submission, including rates, event space assignments, and proposals.

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Responding to an RFP:

You will start on the top left-hand tab, “Summary.” Here, the lead catcher will review the information needed to identify who should be assigned the lead and assign them via the “assign” button at the top right of every screen.

The flow is top-down, with Program Info providing background on the event, Room Rate, where you enter the rates for each room day and type, Event Space for space assignments, etc. To submit the proposal, go to the “Submit Proposal” tab and enter the taxes, fees, and F&B minimum if applicable, then press the “Submit Proposal” button at the top right corner. You will also find the Turn Down RFP in the same location if you cannot bid on the RFP.


Each set of dates for room rates must be responded to. Press the “decline dates” button in red if you cannot offer certain dates.

If the planner is open to alternate date suggestions or flexible patterns, you can submit these dates by clicking on the “Propose New Dates” head next to the planner's outlined dates. This will have a yellow icon indicating they are open to this.

  • Event space can be assigned via a drop-down. The space can be quickly assigned via the preloaded meeting rooms by building out your property’s profile (see Updating your property profile article).

  • All questions and concessions must be answered. If you can offer a concession, you must also enter the value of it. If the value isn’t applicable, enter 0.

  • Acknowledging contract clauses is not agreeing to them; they are designed to ensure you’ve read them and are aware so contracting is smoother.

  • PDFs of the RFP or Proposal can be downloaded on the “Reports” tab, the bottom tab on the left-hand sidebar.

  • Each field is complete once the red exclamation icon turns to a green check mark. If you cannot figure out what is incomplete on the tab, hover over the red icon, and it will explain what is missing and how to fix it.

  • Ensure that once everything is filled out, press the “Submit Proposal” button on the “Submit Proposal” tab.

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