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Discovering and Searching for Hotels to add to your RFP
Discovering and Searching for Hotels to add to your RFP

Discover and add hotels to your RFP using detailed search filters and view property specifics efficiently.

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Discovering and Searching for Hotels within an RFP

To discover and search for hotels within an RFP, click the "Add hotels" tab within your RFP. From here, you can search for hotels and discover hotels by city, landmark location, address, and/or hotel name. You can then filter your results based on criteria like number of guestrooms, meeting space, star rating, etc. In some areas, you may need to increase the search radius to get the results you want.

Viewing Property details

If you want to view additional details of these properties, click on the hotel for further information like photos, rooms, closest airports, meeting room specifications, capacities, etc.

Adding a hotel to your RFP

Adding a hotel to your RFP can be done from the hotel property details page by clicking on the "Add to RFP" button, found in the upper right-hand corner of the hotel property details page.

You can also add a hotel to your RFP directly from the search results by clicking the "Add to RFP" button on the front of the hotel search result.

By looking at the number displayed next to the "Send RFP" tab on the left-hand navigation, you will know the current number of hotels you've added to your RFP.

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