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Including your NSOs, GSOs, DMOs, and Affiliates in your RFPs
Including your NSOs, GSOs, DMOs, and Affiliates in your RFPs

Easily add NSOs, GSOs, DMOs, and Affiliates to support or suggest hotels directly through your RFP.

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Including your NSOs, GSOs, DMOs, and Affiliates in your RFPs

You can include these contacts in your RFPs for two main roles:

  • Suggest hotels based on your RFP criteria

  • Support the hotels you handpicked, but do not suggest hotels

To include your National Sales Offices (NSOs), Global Sales Offices (GSOs), Destination Management Organizations (DMOs), or Affiliates in your RFP, navigate to the 'Add Contacts' tab in the RFP, click the 'Add Contact' button, which you'll find at the top right of the page.

Choose an option to add a contact to your RFP:

  • Add a new contact if you the contact does not exist in your Industry Contact Directory in HopSkip

  • Add from the directory if you've already added these contacts and saved them to your planner toolbox. There's a section in your planner toolbox called Industry Contacts.

Adding a contact from your planner contact directory:

Click "Add from the directory," and we can select who we would like to include and click

"Add," and those contacts have now been added to our RFP.

Adding a new contact:

To add a new contact you've never included in HopSkip, click "Add New" and begin by entering the contact's email address. Once the email address is validated, you can add the contact's name, role, and additional contact details (your contacts will be saved for future RFPs).

The contact has been added to your request but has yet to be sent the request. You can send the RFP to your contact on the "Send RFP" tab.

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