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Understanding your proposal details
Understanding your proposal details

Learn to navigate and interpret all aspects of your RFP proposals within the Proposal Tracker tab.

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Proposal details

To understand your proposal details, open your RFP, then go to the "Proposal Tracker" tab on the left-hand sidebar. Here, you will see all your proposals and their statuses, such as proposals received, in progress, yet to be opened or reviewed, and hotels that declined with their reasons why.

To view the proposal, click "View Proposal". This will give you an overview of the proposal, with a financial summary at the top, sleeping room financials, and your meeting space financials.

Next, you have a meeting space matchup, answers to your questions and concessions, and acknowledgment of your contract clauses. If you have any attachments included, you can opt to include them in your reports or download them from here.

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