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Updating your property profile
Updating your property profile

Learn how to update your hotel's profile details, to ensure accurate and attractive search listings, and efficient proposals.

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Updating Your Hotel's Profile

To update your property profile, go to the left-hand sidebar and click on your property profile icon. Once there, you start on the "Locations" tab.

Then, you can go to the "Features" tab. You can update your star rating and service level, check off your hotel type, amenities, any awards and recognitions, and whether or not the hotel offers a restaurant on-site.

On the "Description" tab, put an opening renovation date, optional tagline, virtual tour link, and website link in the description.

On the "Photos" tab, you can update your photos with the cover photo, carousel photos, and captions.

Then on the "Guest Rooms" tab, you can delineate the types for your guest room count.

On the "Meeting Space" tab, you can build your meeting space by pressing add room. This will allow this information to pre-populate for the sales team and any proposals they are building. You can preview your profile as it appears in the planner search on the "Preview" tab.

Go to the "Document Library" tab to add documents you wish the planner to be able to download, such as floor plans and banquet menus, and make sure you share them in the search.

The "Team" tab is where you invite your team members. There is no limit on logins, and HopSkip does not charge for logins, so every team member should have their own. Press the invite and the salesperson's email, and click "invite."

On the "Proposal Defaults" tabs, this information can be prepopulated in your proposals. This can always be edited on the spot as well. For taxes and fees, you can add in any unique ones, F&B rates, enable or disable specific decline reasons, and choose specific attachments to go out with specific proposals, such as whenever guest rooms or meeting space is requested, and you can fill out your comp set.

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