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Adding your NSOs, GSOs, and DMOs to your Planner Toolbox
Adding your NSOs, GSOs, and DMOs to your Planner Toolbox

Learn how to add and manage key industry contacts in your Planner toolbox to streamline future RFPs and enhance proposal support.

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Adding your NSOs, GSOs, and DMOs to your planner toolbox

You can include any of your NSO, GSO, DMO, or CVB contacts in your "Planner toolbox" for future RFPs, either to suggest hotels or to support proposals from hotels you've selected.

Access your planner toolbox by clicking the toolbox icon on the left-hand side of your HopSkip account, then click on the "Contact directory" tab, this is where you can add and manage your GSO, NSO, DMO, or CVB contacts.

You can update contacts or their default settings by clicking the checkbox to automatically include them in new RFPs.

Add a new contact by clicking the 'Add Contacts' button in the upper right-hand corner, then click 'Add New'.

To begin this process, enter the contact's email address and click 'Next'. You'll be directed to another page to add more details about the contact and set them up for future RFPs.

When adding your industry contacts' information, select the appropriate role.

For example:

  • If your contact falls under a national sales role, like Marriott or Hyatt, choose 'National Sales'.

  • For a Destination Marketing Organization or City Visitors Bureau contacts, choose 'DMO' or 'CVB'.

  • If it's a global sales affiliate contact, like an ALHI, Preferred, or DMI, select 'Sales Affiliate' and you would enter the company name, 'ALHI' for example

When initially adding this contact, you can further specify how your contacts should participate in future RFPs, such as automatically suggesting hotels for all new RFPs they are included in. You can also customize your preferred communication method with this contact and personalize the message they receive when you send them an RFP.

After adding the contact, click 'Add Contact' to save this new contact to your contact directory in your planner toolbox.

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