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Adding contract clauses to your Planner Toolbox
Adding contract clauses to your Planner Toolbox

Efficiently store and manage your standard contract clauses in HopSkip. Include them in new RFPs, streamlining future negotiations.

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Adding your contract clauses to your Planner Toolbox

To add contract clauses to your planner toolbox, click on the toolbox icon on the left-hand side of your HopSkip account and click on the "Contract Clauses" tab.

This is where you can add your standard contract language in terms you generally like to include as requested in the hotel agreement. Some planners also use placeholder language at this stage and refine it later during contract negotiation. Hotels do not agree to the terms in your clauses; they only acknowledge that you'd like this clause included in the contract.

To add a clause to HopSkip, simply click "Add New". Put a title of that clause, copy and paste the body of that clause, and specify if you would like to include this specific contract language in all new RFPs you create on HopSkip. Click "Add" to add and save the clause to your contract clause library in your planner toolbox.

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