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Search for Hotels on HopSkip
Search for Hotels on HopSkip

Learn how to find hotels on HopSkip, and some additional features to discover more!

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HopSkip's Hotel Search includes several time-saving features to help planners find the best fit for their events. Your location-based search also includes filters and sorting options, and can help you discover more properties and destinations based on how other planners' search and source hotels.

Location-based search

Location search with proximity

Enter a city, landmark, or address to see hotels within a 10 mile radius. You can also increase the radius in areas where hotels may not be so close to your destination.

Note that hotel results are sorted by "profile completeness" by default. This means that our hotel partners who maintain their property profiles (features, amenities, photos, etc.) will appear at the top of your search results. You can also change the sort by selecting other options (see below).

Comparable Markets

Based on your location search, HopSkip will let you know when there are other comparable destinations by displaying a message next to the location search box.

Comparable markets

Click the View button to see a list of comparable destinations, where you can include CVBs/DMOs on your RFP, and also view hotels in that market.

Filters and sorting

Filter and sort

Each filter allows a minimum and/or maximum - leave either one empty to only limit the lower or upper end:

  • Guest rooms (count of all room types)

  • Meeting Space (total square feet)

  • Largest Space (square feet of the largest meeting room/event space)

  • Meeting rooms (count)

  • Rating (local star rating)

  • Chains (select one or more hotel chains)

You can also sort the results by

  • Closest first (based on your location search)

  • Most/least guest rooms, meeting rooms or meeting space

  • Highest/lowest rating

  • Alphabetically by name

Search Results

Each hotel that matches your search location and criteria will be listed in card format, left to right and top to bottom. Each card has an "Add to list" button so you can add hotels to your RFP for sending later. You can scroll down to continuously load more results.

Hotel search result card

The search result card includes a photo carousel, rooms and space capacities, and local star rating. Some hotels will also include a marketing affiliation logo if applicable. Any special offers available from the hotel will be indicated in the lower left corner of the result card.

Hotel Details

To view more details on any hotel, click the area between the photo carousel and the Add to list button. A details view will open with more information:

  • Additional photos: click Show all photos to scroll through more photos.

  • Hotel Overview includes the address, phone number, and website

  • Rooms and Event Space Summary: rooms and space capacities and a description of the property

  • Affiliated organizations: a list of CVBs/DMOs or sales & marketing affiliates who can help answer questions and facilitate responses

  • Hotel location lists nearby airports and includes an interactive map

  • Meeting Space lists detailed meeting room capacities including ceiling heights and maximum capacities. Click the View Capacities button to view attendee capacities for standard layouts.

  • Comparable Hotels: view and optionally add other properties that planners also source when sourcing this property

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